1- Bring a long-sleeved shirt or sun shirts, glasses and an adjustable cap or hat.

Avoid sunscreen including biodegradable,

because stromatolites need the sun

to photosynthesize.

2-Stromatolites are colonies of prehistoric bacteria, they photosynthesize and produce oxygen. These microorganisms form rock-like structures and are very fragile: avoid contact and observe them from a minimum distance of 5 meters.

3- The snails (chivitas) are the basis of the feeding of birds and fish, they also keep the bottom clean and balance the content of organic matter in the lagoon bed.

They place their eggs on piers, fences and mangroves: they are hundreds of white balls stuck together. Do not tear them, each ball is a snail egg.

4- In Bacalar live different types of birds: avoid making noise in nesting areas, the birds get stressed and may not return again.

5- Avoid carrying products with wrappers that produce garbage and if you see any, collect it and deposit it in its respective container to be recycled. Bacalar needs all of us.

6- When sailing, kayaking or doing activities such as snorkeling in cenotes and in areas where there are stromatolites and aquatic plants, it is very important to wear a life jacket, as it helps us not step on the fauna and flora of the lagoon bed and we can rest enjoying the surroundings.

7- Bacalar is an ideal earthly paradise to reconnect with nature and with yourself.

There are many options for holistic and ecotourism activities: such as a yoga class, a sunrise paddle or kayak, riding a bike, a massage or a delicious and healthy meal; even a temazcal bath to detoxify your body.

Help us maintain a sustainable approach and consume local products.

Thank you.