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Preventive measures due to Covid-1 Health contingency

Bacalar 7 offers the experience service at the Hotel Rancho Encantado where we approve preventive measures and health protocols, so that you can enjoy your experience with us with peace of mind.



Precautionary measures

We are convinced that the most important thing is the tranquility and safety of our guests during their stay with us, without neglecting exclusivity and the commitment to offer the highest level of quality standards. Therefore, we have created plans and packages, which include all lodging services, food, treatments in our Spa, transportation and tours, adapting the health protocols worldwide.


Flexible Booking

We are aware of the moment that we cross; that planning your treasured vacation can be challenging, but with our help and flexibility to tailor your trip you will be "enchanted." We offer you the freedom to modify the dates of your new or existing reservation during June and July, to another date before December 20, 2020, with the same rate and conditions of the original reservation, without any penalty. Reservations can also be deferred to 2021. In which case, a charge equivalent to the difference in rate between the original reservation and the one in effect in 2021 will be applied.


Cleaning and Sanitation

When the time comes to visit the Laguna de los Siete Colores, you will see that you will be in the best of hands. Our Health Prevention Protocol that we have implemented will give you the certainty with more than 80 new preventive actions to ensure the health and safety of our guests, collaborators and suppliers, complying with current state health regulations and following the recommendations of the WHO.

By visiting our hotel, you voluntarily assume all risks associated with exposure to Covid-19.

If you need more information about COVID-19 in general, the following sites are trusted sources of information worldwide:




Preventive measures adopted by El Hotel Rancho Encantado


Preventive Actions for employees

  • All our collaborators are trained and sensitized about the importance of prevention against the COVID-19 virus

  • Personal hygiene is reinforced, such as Do not wear a watch, chains, bracelets, earrings.

  • The use of clean uniforms, clean footwear, oral hygiene, cleaning nails, use of deodorant.

  • Punctual reinforcement of hand washing.

  • Information about the entry process for collaborators and suppliers will be posted at the entrance of the security booth.

  • Visual aids are placed at the entrance of collaborators.

  • Telephone numbers and official information pages on COVID-19 are placed on the information board at the collaborators' entrance.

  • Information is sent to our suppliers with the health security measures to comply with for access to our facilities.

  • All employees and suppliers will have their temperature taken before entering the facilities.

  • All collaborators must use antibacterial gel when entering and leaving the hotel.

  • All collaborators must make use of it before getting on the personnel transport

  • The footwear will be subjected to a sanitation process.

  • All personnel will use mandatory protective equipment: face masks, goggles / masks at all times, which will be renewed every 4 hours, nitrile gloves and antbacterial gel.

  • It is strictly forbidden to share equipment, instruments and materials specific to each collaborator.

  • There is an external medical service.


Prevention Measures at the Hotel Reception

  • Email is sent to all our guests to request their IDs and forms of payment for their reservations prior to check in, thus reducing the time at the front desk

  • Information is sent electronically to suggest booking and paying for Tours, SPA Services and Restaurant prior to your arrival, speeding up procedures and reducing check-in time

  • The SEDETUR Guest Assist link is sent.

  • The footwear of our guests will be subjected to a sanitation process before entering the lobby.

  • The arrangement of waiting rooms and chairs for check-in that comply with the distance of 1.5 meters.

  • To register at the hotel reception, the guest is invited to wait their turn in the rooms inside the lobby and on the benches placed in the motor lobby to respect the distance.

  • At the reception, employees wear face masks to protect both the guest and their colleagues.

  • Each guest will sign a health declaration, confirming that for at least 30 days prior to their arrival they have not presented any symptoms related to COVID-19 and that they have not been diagnosed with the virus either.

  • Keychain antibacterial gel is delivered along with the key.

  • The registration signature pens are disinfected with gel at each new check in.

  • The desk is disinfected at each check in.

  • Guest luggage will undergo a disinfection process upon arrival at the resort.



Health controls and social distancing in public areas

  • All areas, both indoors and outdoors, are sanitized daily with a disinfection system.

  • All our furniture, including the one that is outdoors, is within the disinfection process, and is strategically located following social distancing measures.

  • Our Restaurant, SPA, boats and kayaks are disinfected daily, at the end of each shift, they are subjected to a deep sanitization process.

  • Visual aid is available on the floor to ensure distance in common areas.

  • All our consumption centers have an antibacterial gel dispenser at the entrance.

  • The Spa has a sanitized registration area that complies with the 1.5 meter spacing during registration.

  • The pool, the external Jacuzzi and the hydromassage tubs will be kept with the chlorinated mixture according to the standard and the controlled temperature


Preventive actions of Health in Restaurant

  • Our Restaurant will have a maximum capacity with a distance between diners of 1.5 meters between chair backs, a reservation will be needed to avoid exceeding the allowed capacity

  • Paper napkins will be used to avoid manipulation of textile napkins.

  • At the entrance and at the service desks, signage will be placed on the floor to reinforce social distancing measures.

  • Virtual letters with URL code will be used.

  • There are giant-sized cards to be transported to the tables, preventing it from passing from hand to hand, which will be disinfected after being used.

  • All the kitchens ensure the strictest quality and hygiene standards.

  • Cooks wear face masks during their hours of operation.

  • The servers wear face masks during their shift.

  • All restaurant employees will take a mandatory break every 30 minutes to wash their hands, or whenever necessary

  • The disinfection process of the tables, chairs and utensils is reinforced after each seating.


Health Controls in transportation and boats

  • Our personnel, tourist and marine transport vehicles will be disinfected every 30 minutes or after being used by any guest.

  • Antibacterial gel is available inside the units.

  • All our tour services will have a maximum capacity so that all guests keep the correct distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

  • The life jackets on the boats will be lampooned whenever necessary.

  • The marine captains use protective masks and goggles, disinfecting it whenever necessary.

  • The transport drivers wear face masks at all times that change every 4 hours.


Protocol in handling suspected cases

  • A crisis management committee has been created to assist suspected cases at all times

  • Two rooms are set up for quarantine if necessary.

  • There is a doctor who is the only one authorized to determine the follow-up of the suspicious or positive case.

  • All personnel have been trained to comply with the prevention and security processes in the handling of positive cases.

  • Assistance is offered to the suspect guest with all the elements of protection.

  • Long-term hygiene and detailed sanitation of rooms is reinforced .




See you soon!




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