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adventure in xulha

The Great Spring

meeting point


Meeting Point: cenote Xul ha

We have a reliable taxi, with a preferential price in Bacalar


After and before the tour, clients have access for one hour to make use of the hotel's beach club facilities (Beds, Showers, Bathrooms, Dock)

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Xul Ha is the great spring from which the Bacalar lagoon feeds, the meaning of Xulha in the Mayan language means End of Water.


Surrounded by beautiful nature and mangroves, it is a unique place in the world.


In it you will find the largest stromatolites of the Bacalar lagoon,

During the tour you will also visit, La bocana, lirios beach, joyful ranch, Bonanza Lagoon, the stromatolite channel and the rapids !!


$ 2400


3-4 hours

It includes

  • Water

  • fruit

  • Fridge with ice

  • Waterproof dry bag.

  • guide


4 passengers per boat

what Brig

  • Beach towels

  • Long sleeve swimsuit

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • The use of sunscreen is prohibited


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